Express Entry Application Period Reduced To 60 Days

Express Entry applicants were allowed to apply within the period of 90 as a special COVID-19 measure, which has now been reverted back to 60 days. 

As of now, the Express Entry applicants will have again 60 days from the day they receive the Invitation To Apply (ITA) to submit their final application.

On June 29, 2021, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has been planning and moving towards rolling back the COVID-19 measures. This can be seen with the changes of having 60 days than the previous 90 days to submit their Permanent Residency (PR) application. This change was reported in a media release by the immigration department.

IRCC extended the duration of application submission to 90 days as a part of a special COVID-19 measure. This change was meant to allow more time for immigrants to prepare their documents. During the pandemic, everything around the world was on lockdown and was causing major disruption in service and also led to the grounding of flights.

IRCC said in the announcement that this reverting into the time frame of 60 days is done in order to allow the processing of a higher volume of applications.

There are some of the COVID-19 measures that are still in effect due to Coronavirus-related health issues. The whole list of changes in available on the IRCC official website. In a general manner of speaking, all these changes are for applicants who have yet not applied for Canadian Immigration, applicants whose profiles are still in processing, the Confirmation of Permanent Residency (COPR) holders, and some others.

The applicants in the Express Entry pool who have been invited to apply before June 29, will still have a time frame of 90 days to submit their application for Permanent Residency (PR). So all the applicants invited in the previous Express Entry draw are certainly not affected by this change. This change will be applicable to applicants who are going to be invited in the upcoming Express Entry draws.

The 60 days time frame for the submission was in effect since the break of 2018. IRCC has also reduced the period of 90 days to 60 days because of the finding that most of the applicants, around 57%,  apply within the time period of 2 months only.

This rolling back of the COVID-19 measure come over a week when the Canada Immigration department announced the opening of borders for COPR holders, allowing fully vaccinated candidates to skip the quarantine rule and the reopening of direct flight from Pakistan as well.

All these changes are an indication that Canada Immigration is coming back to normal and will start working with normal norms in place as well. So if you are willing to make your life in Canada and want to apply to Canada Immigration, then this is the best time to strike the pedal.

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