Travel to Canada from June 21: Approved

Canada doors open for valid COPR holders. Around 23,000 Confirmation of Permanent Residency (COPR) has been issued since Coronavirus travel restrictions’ imposition in March 2020.

From June 21, 2020, valid COPR holder can complete their landing in Canada. 

This announcement was made by the government of Canada around 10 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Pertaining to this announcement, the Canadian Government told that the COPR must be valid in order for an individual to travel to Canada and complete their landing procedure.

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have been working on reissuing New COPRs for expired COPR. 

Once the IRCC approves the candidates to immigrate to Canada and issue the COPR. Getting the COPR means that the applicant has met the IRCC’s program criteria, paid their fees, and security, health, and criminal screenings. With COPR in hand, the candidate can then travel to Canada to start their new life.

According to Canadian government data, a total of 23000 COPRs have been rolled out. But the candidates have not been able to travel to Canada since March 2020, after the imposition of Coronavirus travel restrictions.  

Up till now, only those candidates who were in possession of COPR issued on or before 18 March 2020, were given exemption from COVID-19 travel restrictions. Those candidates who have got their COPR after March 18, 2020, were allowed only in circumstances if they met one of Canada’s travel restrictions or were living in the United States and are now moving to Canada to settle on a permanent basis.

Canadian Government: No Travel for Expired COPR

The Canadian government realized that more information must be present on the IRCC website about when and how to obtain a new COPR.

It is also been advised that candidates with an expired COPR should not book their flight or make an attempt to travel to Canada until they are in possession of a new COPR. 

As we all know that COPRs are valid for the period of one year. They are tied to a particular candidate’s passport and medical examination. Due to the travel restrictions of Coronavirus, many candidates in possession of COPRs have not been able to land in Canada. Because of this reason, their COPR expired. However, they will not have to go through the immigration process again but they are needed to reissue the COPR in order to be able to land in Canada.

COPR holders will be needed to adhere to the travel rules imposed by Canada upon their arrival. These rules include getting in quarantine for 14 days. The Federal government, however, has recently announced that fully vaccinated candidates will be exempted from the quarantine requirement.

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