Canada Immigration Plans : Canada Plans To Welcome 1.2 Million New Immigrants


Canadian authority has revealed that they are planning to aim for 401,000 migrants for the year 2021, 411,000 for 2022, and 421,000 for the year 2023.

On the day of 30th October 2020, Canadian authorities made a dictum about their Immigration Level Plan 2021-2023. The concerned authorities are planning to shatter all previous records of immigration levels.

In the coming years, the following plans have been made by IRCC Canada with the aim of increasing the level of permanent residency candidates.

For 2021: 401,000 migrants

For 2022: 411,000 migrants

For 2023: 421,000 migrants

Before this announcement, this only occurred only one time in the year 1913 in which Canada welcomed around 400,000 candidates. After that, the figure was not even close to anything like that.

The plan announced for 2021-2023 immigration levels is ging to capture around 60% of the applicant through the economic class programs inclusive of Express Entry and PNP (Provincial Nominee Program)

The Immigration Levels Plan is considered to be one of the most important announcements made by the Canadian Authorities every year.  The main features of this announcement are outlining the number of permanent residents that can get an invitation to Canada for the coming year. It also tells us about the program Canada is emphasizing on. The different programs that are available for candidates are as follows:

Economic Class

Family Class

Refugee Class

 Humanitarian and Compassionate Class.

On March 12, 2020, Canada announced that they are going to welcome around a million newcomers to their country but due to an unfortunate chain of events known as the COVID-19 pandemic, the Canadian government has to close their border for the greater good.

Because of this reason, Canada will be short of 341,000 immigrants as compared to what they had set for the year 2020. Even after this blowback, the Canadian government has broken the Express Entry draw record this year. Although, PNP draws are still an ongoing affair.

To overcome this shortage, the Canadian government has set the most ambitious immigration levels plan for the foreseeable future.

Now as we know that there is going to have high immigration levels, let us know what is the reason behind it?

The main reason behind these changes is Canada’s late boomer generation, low-birth rate, and economic downfall. 

As per the statistics, Canada’s 18% population is of the age 65 or above. The birth rate of Canada is also very low which is around 1.47 births per woman. In such conditions, it is adamant for Canada to have high levels of immigration to face the challenges of the economic downfall. The only possible solution for these problems is to welcome more immigrants to their country so that this can be fought well in the upcoming future.

Since 1867, the founding year of Canada, it has taken around 300,000 immigrants in a span of 5 years only. The total welcoming percentage is around 0.9% of the population. When compared to the United States, it is almost three times the per capita newcomer.

The Canadian Government has maintained and even hiked the level of immigration since the First World War. A level of 1% of the population was achieved in a span of just a decade after World War I.

A record was set by the Canadian Government in the year 1913 of welcoming around 401,000 immigrants. This number of immigrants constitute to around 5% of the total Canadian population. Even today, 5% of the total population will constitute around 200,000 new migrants coming to Canada.

How was Canada Immigration looked like during this COVID-19?

Canada experienced a drop in the number of new permanent landing candidates in the country in the year 2020. The total downfall was 64% less in August 2020 as compared to the previous year. The reason behind that is that the candidates who were approved for a permanent residency visa were not able to travel due to the travel restrictions imposed by the government for the containment of Coronavirus. 

Even the public support for immigration has been on the rise over the tenure of the COVID-19 pandemic as per the report of the Environics Institute study. According to a survey, Canadian favour immigration on the belief that immigration their country a better place. It introduces cultural and ethnic diversity in the community. According to the Association of Canadian Studies, Canadian see immigration as a positive thing if we are talking about long term economic recovery.

In the end, it is safe to assume that there is going to be a boom in the immigration levels for the upcoming years. So if you are willing to move to Canada, it will be the best time to apply for a Canada PR visa. So do your due diligence and choose the best program with the help of experienced experts.

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