More Points for French Speaking Express Entry Candidates

 There has a change in the CRS score marking of the Express Entry profile. Candidates who speak French or are bilingual will be awarded more CRS points in the Express Entry pool.  

French-speaking people, also known as Francophone are now eligible for more points in the Express Entry pool after the filing of their immigration application. 

This announcement was made by Canada’s Immigration Minister, Marco Mendicino about the French-speaking people.

The points awarded for the French-speaking candidates will now be 25 which was previously 15 in the Express Entry system. The bilingual candidates will be getting 50 points from now on as previously it was 30 points.

Canadian authorities are planning to aim for admitting around 4.4% of French-speaking people outside of the Quebec region by the year 2023. This is an initiative that is meant to be completed once the travel restriction imposed due to COVID-19 is uplifted. 

As per the statistics, the total percentage of Frech speaking candidates that were outside Quebec was around 2.82. 

This initiative is aimed at increasing the economic growth and development of the French-speaking minority outside of Quebec. As quoted by the minister Mendicino, “ It is also the right thing to do to help support Francophone communities right across Canada. We will continue to attract Francophone immigrants to make sure that Francophone minority communities flourish.”

According to a report by the Canadian authorities, during the span of the year 2003 to 2019. Around 8645 new Francophones alone came in the year 2019. 

The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have already been investing around 40.8 million dollars over the period of 5 years in order to support the minority French-speaking community with the implementation of integration pathways and horizontal policy development.

A little about Express Entry as well:

Express Entry is actually an immigration application management system for three federal programs. These programs are as follows:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program

  • Federal Skilled Trades Program, and 

  • Canadian Experience Class

A scoring system for the application profiles known as the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is used in the Express Entry program for the evaluation of the applicant’s profile. The criteria for the evaluation are based on age, qualification, working experience, language proficiency, and educational credentials. 

Based on the CRS score, the highest scoring candidate is given the Invitation to Apply (ITA) bu the regular Express Entry Draw. After receiving the ITA, the candidates can apply for the PR visa as well.

The typical frequency for Express Entry draw is approximately every two weeks.

Due to this pandemic situation, the IRCC has been conducting much bigger draws to complete its quota for the year. There were around 4500 ITAs sent in the draw held on October 14, 2020. Till today, a total of 82,850 ITAs were issued. 

The proportion of French-speaking people getting an invitation for a permanent residency visa has increased to 5.6% in the year 2019 which was around 4.5% in the year 2018.

Quebec province has its own immigration stream which exclusively targets French-speaking candidates.

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