EXPRESS ENTRY: CRS 717 for PNP applicants

The new PNP draw marked a drop in the CRS by 36 points from the previous PNP draw.

In this draw, Canada invited 381 new immigrants from the Express Entry program to apply for a Permanent Residency (PR) visa on April 28, 2021. 

All the invited candidates were required to have a previously received nomination from one of the provinces through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). This is the reason for the CRS score to be 717 as we all know that 600 additional points are awarded when the candidate receives a nomination. This draw had the lowest CRS requirement in all the PNP draws held this year. If we reduce the nomination points, the points required for this draw were 117 only.

The tie-breaker rule for this draw was that the candidate must have a CRS of at least 717 and they must have submitted their Express Entry profile before 16 March at 21:20:50 UTC. It is mandatory for Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to publish a tie-breaker rule regardless of whether there is an actual tie between candidates or not.

Canadian provinces take this opportunity to nominate candidates according to the regional labor market needs. Without the PNP in the picture, the labour market of these provinces will be left behind as Federal level programs look more on the national level.

Domestic candidates getting more attention during this pandemic

Since the inception of the year 2021, IRCC has been holding draws that are targeting candidates that are already in Canada. This is all part of the plan to compensate for the losses of previous and to reach the target of 401,000 new permanent residents in 2021. Out of these numbers, 108,500 candidates are supposed to come from Express Entry-managed programs.

So far till now, Canada has already invited 55,771 Express Entry applicants in 2021. There is a significant rise in the invitations this year than the previous year because IRCC invited every single eligible CEC candidate on February 13, 2021. As per the statistics, about 90% of the invited candidates are currently residing in Canada.

In order to nominations from a province, PNP candidates often need study experience, working experience, or some connection with the province. As of now, these programs have a high proportion of candidates that are already in Canada. 

On average, the frequency of IRCC to hold these were two Express Entry draws every two weeks.  One was for the CEC candidates only and one was for the PNP candidates only. The score requirement for this PNP is usually on the higher side because of the 600 additional points they get for getting a nomination. The CEC candidates on the other hand have a much lower requirement because of the fewer number of candidates competing for getting an Invitation to Apply (ITAs).

In order to achieve the target of 401000 new immigrants, IRCC has created six new programs that aimed at welcoming international graduates and essential workers. From 6 May 2021, Canada will be opening doors for 90000 new immigrants along with an unlimited number of French-speaking graduates and essential workers.  

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