Manitoba PNP Draw-218 Invitations Sent

So far this month, Manitoba has issued 490 invitations to the PNP applicants.

On January 28, 2021, a total of 218 applicants were invited by Manitoba to apply for a provincial nomination.

This draw marks the second draw of the month for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) in which international graduates and skilled workers were invited by three immigration streams. These streams are:

  1. Skilled Workers in Manitoba

  2. International Education Stream

  3. Skilled Workers Overseas

The invitations are called the Letter of Advice to Apply (LAAs). These letters were distributed along with the Expression of Interest (EOI) score requirement. The following given data is how the letters were distributed:

Skilled Workers in Manitoba- 178 LAAs with a score of 518.

Skilled Workers Overseas- 17 LAAs with a score of 681.

International Education Stream- 23 LAAs no score required.   

13 invitations were sent to the Express Entry candidates out of the 218 LAAs. The immigration authorities in Manitoba clearly says that the MPNP will reject applicants who do not have a valid Express Entry ID, verifiable experience in an occupation on the In-Demand Occupation list of Manitoba, and a job seeker validation code.

The candidates who are invited under the strategic recruitment initiative are also considered in the MPNP draw. 

If the applicant scored a higher ranking than the minimum required and still does not get the LAA, the possible reason for that are listed below:

  1. Does not have a valid test number for the third-party language test. 

  2. The language test scores are no longer valid.

  3. The applicant does not send a valid invitation number being invited under the strategic recruitment initiative. 

As per the guidelines of the MPNP, the candidates falling in any one of the above scenarios have the provision of updating their profile with the correct and updated information in order to be considered for the next draw. 

The invitations were sent to candidates who are working in a regulated occupation. The governing authorities of MPNP clearly state that they have the right to refuse applicants who are not working in a regulated occupation and have not provided valid proof of completing all the licensing steps to be employed in Manitoba. Those applicants who are falling in this criteria have the option to decline their LAA. 

Express Entry Manitoba

Candidates who are eligible for Express Entry are given ranked on the basis of the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The CRS score on the other hand is based on factors like age, education, working experience, and language proficiency.  

The highest-scoring candidates are then given an Invitation to Apply so that they can apply for a permanent residency in Canada through regular draws held by IRCC.  

The applicant who gets a provincial nomination gets eligible for an additional 600 points and getting these points ultimately guarantee their place for getting an ITA by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). 

Express Entry who have received a nomination from the province of Manitoba must declare a valid Express Entry ID and a job seeker validation code.

Manitoba EOI System

Applicants who are willing to migrate through Manitoba’s Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) must register an Expression of Interest (EOI) in order to get an LAA through the Skilled Workers Overseas and Skilled Worker in Manitoba streams.  

In Manitoba’s system, applicants are ranked in 1000 points that are based on factors like education, English and French language skills, working experience, Manitoba connections, and some other factors. 

Manitoba Immigration Streams

The Skilled Worker in Manitoba and Skilled Worker Overseas categories are the immigration streams that allows provinces to nominate skilled working professional that can prove to be helpful in supporting the labour market needs of Manitoba.

Applicants who are applying from overseas must have a well-established connection in Manitoba. This connection can be demonstrated by close family ties and friends in the province, working experience in Manitoba, or an invitation from the MPNP’s strategic recruitment initiatives.   

Candidates are not required to be physically present in Manitoba at the time of application submission. 

Successful applicants in the Skilled Workers in Manitoba stream must meet the criteria like a full-time permanent job offer from an employer in Manitoba.

International students who have graduated from an institution in Manitoba can receive an LAA under the International Education stream if they possess the in-demand high skills.

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