Now Immigrate To Canada Easily A Rule is Changed

Good news for Indian youth dreaming of going to Canada. A rule has been changed, which will make it easier to get there. Indeed, the Canadian government has made changes to its express entry system. This will enable the entry of working people to the country easily. This rule has been implemented from 6 June. Under the new rule, if the applicant is a good Frenchman and has a brother or sister in Canada, then he will get additional points. This will allow him to travel to Canada with the family. According to the statistics, it has been found that more than one lac applicants from Punjab migrate to Canada every year. Every year more than 30 thousand Punjabis make their way to Canada. In such a situation, the new rule will make it more easier for people from Punjab to Immigrate to Canada, who are good in the French language and also the required skill set for working in the heart of Canada. Under this new rule, students who have studied before in Canada will also get the opportunity to apply to stay there permanently. Considering such amendments in the Immigration Laws of Canada, this will be the best opportunity for the youths to go to Canada.

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