US President Donald Trump Strict on H1B VISA Indians now moving to Canada

A large number of Indians are turning to Canada following the tightening of US President Donald Trump on H1B visas . Due to easy visa rules, IT professionals are now applying for jobs in Canadian companies. This is because of Canada's new fast track visa program. Under this visa program, there is now a rule to give visas to high-skilled workers within 2 weeks. News website Bloomberg has submitted a report about this.

Brian Smith, CEO of Canadian company ThinkData Works Inc., tells of Fast Track Visa, 'We hired a software engineer from Brazil. It took less than 10 working days to clear his visa application. Earlier it used to take months. If the government has set a deadline of two weeks for this, then the whole process is actually taking 2 weeks. Indians are taking the most advantage of Justin Trudeau's government's decision to speed up the visa process for skilled labor.

According to a report published in the news website Bloomberg, between June and September, under the new visa rules, visas of 2,000 people from different countries were approved, of which the largest number are Indians. During this period, 988 visa applications from Indians were accepted, China with 296 visas was second and France with 96 visas was at number three. Interacting with Bloomberg, Canada Immigration minister Ahmed Hassan said, "The new visa program has been more successful than expected." We received suggestions from the business community regarding this visa policy.

Those with a fast track visa can apply for visas up to 3 years. Also, they can apply for permanent residency. Computer programmers, system analysts and software engineers are getting the most benefit of the new policy. Many other Canadian companies are preparing to take advantage of the fast track visa policy. Significantly, US President Donald Trump has been opposing the H1B visa policy for some time. This year for the first time in the last 5 years after the strictures of the US government, H1B visa applications have come down.

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