Manitoba PNP Draw: 299 Invitations Sent

Prairie Province which is the easternmost province has so far given invitations to almost 1292 applicants for the year 2021.

299 candidates were invited to apply for a provincial nomination by the Manitoba province on March 11, 2021. 

This draw is the fifth draw of the year in the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). International Graduates and Skilled Workers were issued Letter of Advice (LAAs) along with the minimum Expression of Interest (EOI) score through the following three streams:

International Education Stream: 3 Invitations (Minimum score-728);

Skilled Workers In Manitoba: 261 invitations with a minimum score of 459; and 

Skilled Workers Overseas: 35 invitations sent to the Express Entry candidates.

About Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP):

If you are willing to get benefit from the provincial nomination from Manitoba, the applicant needs to register an Expression of Interest (EOI) with MPNP. This enables the applicant to be a potential receiver of an LAA through the Skilled Workers Overseas stream and Skilled Workers in Manitoba.

The candidates are then ranked out 1000 points for human capital factors as well as for their connections to the province of Manitoba.

The Skilled Worker in Manitoba and Skilled Worker Overseas category are the immigration streams that are designed to identify the labour needs of the market. 

Overseas candidates need to demonstrate their connection with Manitoba through previous experience in Manitoba, close family toes, or through an invitation from one of Manitoba’s Strategic Recruitment Initiatives. There is actually no need for the applicant to be present in Manitoba at the time of application submission.

For receiving an invitation from Skilled Worker in Manitoba stream, the applicant needs to have a full-time job offer from a designated employer of the province.

International graduates who have completed their education in Manitoba can actually receive an LAA if they show that they have in-demand skills through the International Education Stream.

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