50% increase in number of Indians acquiring Canadian citizenship: report

There has been a huge increase of 50 per cent in the first ten months as compared to last year by the Indians living in Canada. Based on data from the Canadian government department Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC) related to citizenship, The Times of India has written that from January to the end of October, a total of 15,016 Indians have acquired permanent citizenship there.

If we talk in terms of numbers, then this figure of Indians gaining Canadian citizenship is only slightly less than the people of the Philippines. During this time, 15,642 people of the Philippines have acquired citizenship there. According to the data, during January to October, 1.39 lakh people from different countries of the world became permanent citizens of Canada, of which Indians accounted for 10.7 percent. However, these figures are only for the ten months of this year. In such a situation, after the figures of the remaining two months, the share of Indians in it is expected to increase further.

Immigration (emigration) law expert in Canada, Talha Mohani, says that since October, the rules for acquiring Canadian citizenship have been relaxed. Previously, to become a permanent citizen here, a person had to personally reside in Canada for four to six years. But now during the five years, if someone stays in Canada for three years, then he can apply to become a permanent citizen here.

According to Canadian rules, after a resident of another country acquires permanent citizenship there, he also becomes entitled to social facilities there. However, it does not get immediate permission to vote in elections and participate in other political processes if you wish to apply for Canada Immigration then you can contact us +91-9999-00-43-10 

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