New Instructions For Expired COPR Holders

After March 18, there is a process for COPR holders with expired documents.

The federal government has released details about the process of allowing permanent residents to leave for Canada if their documents expire.

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has issued guidelines for Confirmation of Permanent Residency (COPR) holders' documents.

Canada does not accept expired documents at the border, which is true even before the pandemic. Coronavirus-related travel restrictions have forced many COPR owners to wait for the June 21 border to open. While waiting, many saw their documents expired. The IRCC has now come out with guidelines for these people.

COPR is a document issued to candidates who have been approved to emigrate to Canada as permanent residents. This means that the candidate meets the program criteria, has to pay the fees, and has passed health, safety, and criminal investigations. Without COPR, candidates cannot immigrate to Canada as permanent residents.

How to come to Canada with Expired COPR?

You will not be able to travel to Canada with expired documents once. The IRCC says that if you keep an expired COPR, someone in the department will send an email about your application. If you want to move to Canada, reply to an email and indicate that you still want to come.

The IRCC can then request new medical or other updated information. If you choose not to reply, your file will be closed. This means that if you want to come to Canada as a permanent resident in the future, you will have to apply again.

The government says most people with COPRs that have expired on or before March 18, 2020, have already been contacted. If you have already asked the IRCC for a new medical or submission of new documents, follow these instructions and wait to be contacted. The department says there is no need to contact them again.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, holders of expired documents would have to re-apply for permanent residence. However, the IRCC makes exceptions for those who are unable to travel due to existing restrictions.

What new documents can I be requested to submit?

When you receive an email from the IRCC, they will ask if your family situation has changed. This includes whether you are married, divorced, or have a new child. If there is a change, the IRCC will update your application and request the relevant documents.

You may also be asked to submit new documents if your previously submitted documents have expired. This includes police certificates and medical tests.

It should be noted that before the medical examination, instructions should be given. The IRCC will give you instructions to take you to the doctor after you reply to the email.

When can I go to Canada?

You will have to wait for a written confirmation from the IRCC that they have resubmitted your documents, sent you a new COPR and, if necessary, sent you a new visa in your passport.

If the IRCC is processing your COPR, one of the departments will send you the necessary documents to travel.

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