Ontario Changes Immigration Process

Ontario introduced an Expression of Interest system for 5 Immigration streams:

As per the tolls taking by the public, this new system is now more transparent and more predictable.

Ontario is planning to change the registration process for immigration in the upcoming weeks for its 5 economic-class immigration streams.

Previously, Ontario used the first come first serve basis rule for selecting candidates. On this new update, Ontario has decided to implement a new system of selecting candidates for the immigration process. The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) has deployed an Expression of Interest (EOI) in order to rank candidates based on human capital factors and labour market needs. Many other PNP programs also uses this type of selection system.

The OINP has announced to apply for the new system to the streams given below:

  • Masters Graduate stream
  • Ph.D. Graduate stream, and 
  • Employer Job Offer Category streams

As OINP is changing the system, the above-given immigration streams are currently have been closed to the new applicants. As per the announcement, OINP is planning to reopen the immigration after the implementation of the new EOI system. As of now the date of implementation is yet decided.

Changing that this new system will bring to the whole OINP program:

The immigration programs that are planning to switch to the new selection process, actually use to operate in a rushed manner. Ontario will open their web portal for the applicants to apply for registering to one of the Ontario PNPs. As the demand in these streams is quite high, the registration window usually lasts for a very less time span until they become full. There are also a series of other problems as well with the registration system. For these technical problems, Ontario Government clearly states that they must have a dedicated email addressing the issue faced during the registration process. There have been some complaints from the people about the slow internet connections as well.

EOI systems are one of the most popular selecting criteria among other PNPs. The whole process involves candidates submitting their resumes along with working experience, education, and some other information. After this, the candidate’s profile is given some provincial score based on the information provided. If the applicant gets a score high enough, they are issued a provincial nomination to apply for Permanent Residency (PR) visa.

Ontario province received around 250 submissions between September 9 and October 23, 2020. These submissions were associated with individuals, prospective applicants, representatives, and immigration organizations.

It is believed that the proposed EOI system would be much transparent and more predictable, user friendly than the present intake process.

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