Canada Top In-Demand Jobs 2021

This article is all about the jobs that were in high demand in Canada and are now beginning to start reviving from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The economy of Canada is still recovering from the impact of COVID-19, travel restrictions, lockdown, and curfews. All these things are hoped to eventually lifted. 

This pandemic startled everyone off and as time began to pass all businesses started to adapt to these excruciating circumstances and tried to make amends as per the situations. Many employers start giving off work from facilities, began an online collaboration, and started using video-calling platforms. Other business that requires a physical presence started implementing governmental procedures and advice like maintaining social distancing and wearing masks.

Aside from these changes, there a lot of people who lost their jobs due to the economic turmoil as the consequences of the pandemic. This economic downtown happened because many sectors became dormant due to lockdowns and restrictions. All these changes are subjected to revert back to normal at the end of the second half of the year. 

Now it is time to move forward and pace ourselves with the growing Canadian economy. It is estimated that more than two-thirds of the employers in Canada is looking to re-hire employees, even experts are starting to predict the outlook of the year 2021. 

A Human Resource consulting firm, Randstad Canada, recently released its predictions for the year 2021 on the top job demands in Canada. According to them, a lot of new vacancies will open, and those professionals with acquired sets of specialized skills will have a good chance of getting employment in the year 2021.

High Demand Jobs in Canada 2021:

According to Randstand, the following are the jobs that will be in high demand throughout the year 2021.

Customer Service Representative:

Since the pandemic, the need for a customer service representative has taken quite a hike in number. The requirement to deal with customers that are emotionally distressed is in high demand. These emotionally stressed clients have the desired need to talk to a professional who can handle their situations. Cancellations and refunds can do so much as well.  


All types of drivers are usually in high demand since the pandemic, especially the ones who are truck drivers and are responsible for the delivery of medical supplies to hospitals and medical centers and essential goods across Canada. So this does not come as a surprise as the drivers are always in high demand.

Registered Nurse:

As we all know that there was already a shortage of registered nurses even before the Coronavirus pandemic. This demand has yet increased at a substantial amount because of the increase in the number of patients requiring critical care. As per the statistics, Canada is in need of around 60,000 registered nurses by the end of the year 2022 in order to help the late booming generation of Canada.

General Labourer:

There is a sudden need for general labourers all across the country. For interested candidates there more openings available more than what employers are able to fill.  

Electrical Engineer:

Electrical engineers are now in high demand as many companies depends on complex communications system to remain operational throughout this pandemic. Electrical engineer with a diversified skillset such as writing and communication skills are particularly in much high demand. 

Software Developer: 

Well, basically there are two main reasons for the need for software developers. One reason is the continuation of people working from home and the second reason is the increased use of e-commerce. Professionals who are well equipped with coding, designing, and building apps and websites are in high demand in the land of Canada.


This pandemic has an impact on the economic front of any country. This is the main reason why accountants are well sought out in Canada. Accountants who are able to advise businesses on issues regarding government fundings and financial tax breaks are the most appreciated. Their advice for the businesses regarding the growth factor is also a viable reason.

HR Manager:

During this pandemic, one of the most challenging tasks for businesses was to stay afloat. HR manager comes into play regarding this. They devise remote work policies, health, and safety policies. They are also responsible for maintaining and upkeeping the morale of employees during these hard times. 

Financial Advisor:

There are many individuals and businesses that feeling financially unstable during this pandemic. So it is but obvious that financial advisor is on the list of top high-demand jobs in Canada. They are professionals who offer support and advice to individuals on the financial front, facing difficulty on mortgage and rent payments as well as debt. 

Tech Sector:

There has always been a shortage in the Tech sector with or without the pandemic. Due to this reason there are special immigration programs in Ontario and British Columbia dedicated to the hiring of Tech sector employees. Tech talent is particularly high in regions like Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto.

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