More PR Pathways for Temporary Residents in Canada

Canada is providing more options for Permanent Residency to foreign workers, international students, and asylum seekers who are already residing in Canada.

Minister Marco Mendicino made an announcement that the federal government will be making the changes made for the permanent residency. This announcement will be made following the announcement of the immigration levels plan about inviting 400000 immigrants for the next three years. 

Why is this change is adamant?

As the Canadian Immigration Minister emphasized on the fact in order to help Canada cope up with the economic challenges due to the shortage of immigration, it is necessary to devise a strategy that can accelerate the immigration pace faster. Hence to support that statement, the Canadian Immigration Authorities plan to identify pathways that can accelerate the pace faster for international students, foreign workers, and asylum seekers towards Permanent Residency. This change is necessary to cope up with the downtown that Canada is facing due to Covid-19.

As per the reports, it has been adherent that Canada’s Immigration levels have slowed down the population, economic growth, and labour force.

There has been a significant drop in both the permanent residents and temporary residents during this year. There was a net increased of around 190,000 temporary residents in the year 2019 while there was a decrease of around 18,221 during the first half of the year 2020. The number of permanent residents reduced to around 60% as presented by the report of August. 

Canada Will be Falling Short for the 2020 Immigration Levels Targets:

According to the current pace that the Canadian Immigration department is following, Canada is going to invite around 200,000 immigrants for permanent residency this year which is far less than the target of 341,000 decided prior to the Coronavirus pandemic. Due to this the Canadian population growth has already slowed down and decreased to around 0.1% in the second quarter of the year 2020. Previously the Canadian population usually was growing at a rate of around 1%  per year.

Experts are saying that this announcement is only made to address the short term shortcoming of the Candian immigration targets. Minister Mendicino said that these changes will also target the Canadian demographic challenges that are the late booming generation and low birth rate. These factors will be creating more gaps in the labour market in the upcoming future. So it is adamant to address these changes with changes like these.

The government will also be actively seeking talents like students, workers, and asylum seekers that can perfectly align themselves with the essential services in Canada to boom the economy. 

The government is also making changes regarding the international students by allowing them to study online from their country and making provision for international students to work in Canada as well. An example of these changes is the Post Graduate Work Permit allowing them to gain Canadian working experience. This working experience will help them a lot in pursuing the pathway to permanent residency. As programs like Express Entry Program, Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), Quebec Experience Class Program give a lot of weightage to the experience gained on the Canadian soil.

Benefits of Canadian Experience:

Having Canadian experience is going to offer a more strong background in the PR pathway as candidates with experience in Canada tend to have a better outcome in the Canadian labour market as compared to other candidates with no such experience. 

The other benefits are having better wages as compared to other candidates applying in the same program as having a combination of working experience, social and professional networking, and fluency in English or French will result in a much better integration in the Canadian labour market resulting in high wages.  

These benefits have been reported by the IRCC and Statistics Canada as well. Due to this a lot of preference is given to candidates with a working experience in Canada in programs like PNP, and Quebec. 

What are the trails of changes that will follow this announcement?

The following changes may take place as per the predictions of experts.

  1. New Federal Pilot Program launch.

  2. Draws relating to specific programs of Express Entry. 

  3. Modification of CRS score for Canadian experience. 

  4. Modification of criteria for Federal Program

Even though the Minister has not shown any implication of these changes in the announcement but it can be assumed that to make these modifications in the demography of Canada, these changes can be made to fulfill the requirement of the Canadian demographic shortcomings.

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