Express Entry Draw : Canada Issues 4500 ITAs

Canada held its another on the day of November 5, 2020, bringing the total number of ITAs issued during this year to 87,350. In this draw, the number of ITAs issued was 4500. The minimum CRS score that was required to get an ITA was declared to be 478. This means that the candidates with a CRS score of 478 and above were selected to apply for a PR visa in Canada.

The French-speaking people were eligible for more CRS scores in this draw. As it was announced by IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) that the Francophone will be getting more CRS points that were increased to 25 from 15, and for bilingual applicants, the CRS score was increased to 50 which was previously 30.  

As seen earlier, usually the Express Entry draw is held every two weeks but due to the incorporation of French language update in the CRS score, the draw was delayed. This was done so that all the Express Entry profiles in the pool were updates as per the announcement. 

This draw marks the third instance where Canada has issued 4500 ITAs in a single draw, the largest number in a single draw. Another big announcement by IRCC was the immigration level plan for the upcoming years. As per the announcement, Canadian authorities have confirmed that they will be welcoming around 400,000 new immigrants every year till 2023. In this plan, more than 100,000 new immigrants will be coming from the Express Entry program itself in the Federal High Skilled category alone.

As seen in the previous draws, the CRS score requirement for getting an ITA almost linger around 470 and above in all program draw. The only draw with the CRS score of 415 was held on August 6, 2020, inviting trade workers in the Federal Skilled Trades program. The Canadian Experience Class also sees a dip in the CRS score with a requirement of only 440 points. The program getting a high CRS score was the PNP program only as 600 points were automatically awarded to the Express Entry candidate for getting a nomination from a particular province. Thus PNP is a program that offers a candidate with a low CRS score has a good chance of getting a Canada PR visa. 

So far now, the number of ITAs have reached 87,350 for the year 2020. Seeing this figure, it is safe to say that this year has been a major year in the history of Canadian Immigration. The number of ITAs issued has been a record-breaking figure and marks the highest number to this date.  

Even though this coronavirus has put a pause on everything, Canadian immigration is trying to compensate for this downfall with its draws and this can be shown for the immigration plan issued by the IRCC as well. So if you are looking for a Canada PR visa, now is the best to do so. 

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