Canada Citizenship Benefits

Benefits of Canada Permanent Residency

Becoming the citizen of a country does not benefit the applicant only but also the hosting country as well in many ways.

As per the statistics, amongst all major western countries, Canada is among one of the countries with the highest and arising rate for immigrants who opt for citizenship. 

Citizenship is a legal status that a person acquires while they are residing in a particular country. They are two ways of acquiring Canadian Citizenship. One of the methods is having being born in Canada or by the naturalization process.

Candidates who are willing to settle and work in Canada and are meeting the eligibility criteria can apply for Canadian Citizenship by the process of Naturalization. Having Canadian citizenship is the ultimate step in the immigration process. Once you have citizenship you will be entitled to many perks like entering politics, voting rights and also have a much better chance for employment opportunities.

Benefits of Canadian Citizenship

Once the applicant has got the citizenship status, the benefits tag along as well. They can get active participation in Canadian politics as well. The applicant can take participation in Federal, Municipal, and Provincial elections as a potential and valuable voter. Not only voting rights are the perks of citizenship but getting this status means that the candidate can also run for elections and can work at the management level inside the government as well.

This legal status gives you the opportunity of working at high-level security jobs even at the federal level.

The best part of Canadian citizenship is it gives you the option of dual or multiple citizenships. What this means is that the applicant does not have to choose between new and previous citizenship.

One of the other is that the children born in Canada will be entitled to citizenship when their parents are citizens of Canada without going through the application process.

Canadian citizen passport has its own advantage as well. This passport has the benefit of traveling to many other countries without the need for any visa. A Canadian passport holder also has a much lesser risk of having a problem while entering Canada.

Eligibility for Canadian Citizenship

Eligibility criteria for getting Canadian citizenship are as follows:

  1. Must have a Canadian Permanent Resideny status.

  2. Must have lived for at least three years (or at least 1095 days) in the span of five years before indulging in the process of applying. 

  3. Must be able to communicate in English and French language.

  4. No criminal history should be there.

  5. Must pass a test for checking their knowledge about the rights, law, and the general topography & history of Canada.

The documents provided by the applicant for the eligibility check must be authentic. After the authentication of the documents, one of the major steps is to pass the citizenship test and an interview. Both test and interview take place after the submission of the application.

Canada is one of the countries that realize the importance of skilled professionals in the development of the country. This is a reason that the government of Canada believes in providing strong settlement services and provide support for a smooth transition of the candidate in Canadian citizenship. 

As per the studies, it has been shown that candidates getting citizenship through the naturalization process as compared to non-naturalized immigrants have a much more positive effect on earnings and labor market conditions.

The contribution and share of migrants attaining citizenship vary on the period of immigration and some other factors. But most of the candidate who attains Canadian Citizenship gradually acquire it.

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