Canada Planning On Lifting Quarantine By Early July

The health minister is willing to ease quarantine rules for exempted travellers who are fully vaccinated as the first phase of easing travel restrictions.

Exempted travellers and Canadians who are fully vaccinated will soon be presented with amended quarantine requirements when coming from abroad locations.

Patty Hajdu (Health Minister) recently announced that travellers who are already exempted from travelling will now not have to quarantine for a period of 14 days if they have received the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine within the 14 days of arrival.

As of now, the health minister has not announced a specific date for the implementation of these changes but have given indication that it will be early July. All these changes are depended on the facts that the cases count continue to decline.

Hajdu also pointed a key fact that Canada approved vaccine will only be accepted for these changes. The approved vaccine by Canada are:

  1. Astra Zeneca

  2. Johnson and Johnson

  3. Pfizer

  4. Moderna

There is talk about that in the future, other vaccines will also be assessed. Health Minister also said that Canada will be approaching these changes in a phased manner agreeing with the Prime Minister previous statement.

Travellers will be requested to provide a negative PCR COVID report upon arrival. They will also be requested for a full quarantine plan until they get the results. The quarantine can be lifted in as little as one day if the results come negative. 

As we all know that travel restriction and mandatory quarantine rules were imposed in Canada since the lockdown in  March 2020. The hotel quarantine stay of 3 days was imposed since this February. In the last month, all the travel restrictions were moved till June 21. The hotel quarantine rules for all the travellers were ended by Canada’s COVID-19 Testing and Screening Expert Advisory Panel. The reason for this step was that they were not sure if the hotel quarantine even works.

As per the government officials, there has been an indication that the border restrictions might be easing towards the end of June or July. As per the Prime Minister previous statement quoting “Canada is in no rush to open the borders”. This was however last week. Right now, Trudeau has been saying that Canada is planning on a phased-in approach towards cross-border travel.

Until now, there has been no official date being released about the re-opening of the border. But there is a silver lining in all these changes. Seeing all these changes one can assume that the pandemic situation is getting behind us now and the world is looking in the forward direction only.

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