Post Graduate Work Permit Canada

 Flexibility in Study and Work Permit In Canada

As per the present scenario, the Canadian Government is taking special measures regarding study and work permit. There were three major measures were taken that were aimed to help young and aspiring individuals who are willing to pursue work and study opportunities in Canada. 

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) in a press release on its official website have introduced three new measures. These measures were introduced on Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) eligibility regarding international students who are pursuing Canadian educational programs online due to this pandemic situation.

Theses new reforms are given below:

  1.  Students can now have a provision that they can study online until April 30, 2021. Till this time no time will be deducted from their PGWP as long as they pursue their 50% of their studies in Canada itself.

  2. Students who have enrolled in a program with 8-12 months of duration starting from May to September 2020 can pursue their education overseas. They will still be eligible for PGWP. 

  3. Students who will be pursuing a program with a starting date from May and September 2020 and who are eligible to study online until 30 April 2021 and students who will be graduating from more than one eligible program will have a provision to combine the duration their studies while applying for PGWP with one condition that they complete 50% of their studies in Canada. 

The PGWP is one most popular programs among aspiring young individuals who wish to study and work in Canada. After a student acquires a degree from a designated Canadian Institution, they are eligible for a Post-Graduate Work Permit which is valid for a period of 3 years. However, the total duration of PGWP depends upon the time a student has studied at a Canadian Institution.

This program gives international students a facility to work at a designated Canadian employer. Working at Canadian ground also enhances the chances of getting a PR Visa as well because of the working experience they gain.

Getting a Canadian working experience opens up certain pathways for Canada Immigration. These pathways include the Express Entry Canadian Experience Class immigration program. Working experience also provides additional points in the Comprehensive Ranking System and provides you an edge over other applicants as well.

Due to this pandemic and travel restriction imposed by the Canadian Government, students are not able to study in Canadian institutions. Well, this counts as a problem. The reason for that is distance learning will not be counted for PGWP eligibility. But during this pandemic, Canada Government made a series of changes and announcements. During this time, distance learning will be counted towards PGWP eligibility. The major announcement was made by IRCC in May where they announced that distance learning obtained till the date of December 31, 2020 will be counted in the PGWP eligibility.

For a student to be eligible for Post Graduation Work Permit, they need to fill out an application form. This filing should be done before the start of spring/summer/fall 2020 or January 2021 semester. The student applying for a work permit will gradually be approved for a study permit. 

This news release made by IRCC ended by the saying that travel-related restrictions during COVID-19 will be eased off based on the progress made in Canada and in other parts of the world in controlling the spread of coronavirus. They said that they will continuously monitor the situation both abroad and in Canada, based on that they will think of other changes as well.

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